Seasonal Edibles

Connecticut GrownAs the Seasons change, so too do the edible offerings on our micro-farm. At TLF we strive to provide old time favorites and heirloom varieties. We selectively grow vegetables and herbs that we personally love and relish. You won’t find tomatoes in May or basil in November at our farm stand , we exclusively field-grow in season. So we hope we can heighten your awareness of what is available at it’s peak for the best flavor and growing perfection. We grow our vegetal products using organic amendments and practices and are serious about following the “Farmer’s Pledge”.

IMG_3566 IMG_3607 IMG_1221 IMG_3069 IMG_0691 IMG_1187 IMG_0688 IMG_0640 squash-blossoms- IMG_0353 IMG_8365 radishes IMG_8224 IMG_5421 IMG_5871 IMG_8088 IMG_5223 IMG_4869 IMG_4083 IMG_3768